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      With the global temperature rising from racial inequalities from all facets in our world, the term ‘Urban’ became more of a label for a specific group of people.  The music that was emerging and developing in densely populated areas of large cities, especially those populated by people of African or Caribbean origin, was labeled Urban.   With the decades of tension between the police and those communities, the term Urban was attached to low income, criminals, gangs, welfare people, etc.    

     We are in a moment of great awakening.  There is a new consensus that has emerged and the dominoes are falling in only ONE direction.  Every aspect of our music industry will be changing and we want to be a part of that change by refraining from using the term “Urban” anywhere within our community.   

     As we maneuver through this sensitive time, and to better reflect the current state of the music industry, we are discontinuing the use of the term ‘Urban’ to describe any genre of music within our organization.  

     The Collective Music Nation Inc. is a non-profit group that connects all associations, groups and other parties interested in The Collective Music across Canada and around the world.

     The Collective music represents genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Gospel, Spoken Word, Pop, Dance, Country and more.  The Grammys have recently changed the term Urban to Progressive within their organization and all major music labels and awards will be following suit.

     Currently the memberships at The Collective Music Nation is FREE and we offer a variety of programs and services for our members.  You can find more information on this at

Collective Music Nation, One Voice, Strength in Unity!

All the Best,

Tim Fray


(437) 703-2082

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