The Collective Music Nation Inc. (CMN) established in 2020 is the new voice of Canada’s collective music industry.  It is a member-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to building the domestic and international profile of Canadian collective music associations.  CMN is curating partnerships with online streaming services like Netflix Canada, YouTube TV, IGTV and Facebook Live to televised globally THE COLLECTIVE MUSIC AWARDS LIVE the nation’s gala event.

     Our new board welcomes Tim Fray (President), Owner of Hospes Group Inc. group of companies,  Nigel Bipatnath (VP), Owner of Source Entertainment., Ron Brandt (Treasurer/Secretary), Owner of PR Music Management.   We have also assembled some of the best minds in the business world that shall be part of our Ambassador Advisory Committee, you can find the list on our website

     With the experience of Ron Brandt formally with UMAC from 1996, a new decade and a fresh new look brings with it a new branding of our collective music nation including a new board of directors, new website, and multiple events to kick off 2020.

Some of the objects of the corporation are:

  1. Provincial representation for every group or organization promoting forms of the collective music
  2. The Collective Music Musicians Old Age Pension Plan
  3. The Collective Music Nation Awards
  4. The Collective Music Hall of Fame
  5. The Collective Music Trade Show
  6. The Collective Music Talent Search through Canada
  7. The Collective Music Summit
  8. Support to develop the collective music through rehearsal studios, recording studios, live performance, video and marketing
  9. Charity called “Fray Family Foundation” Free musicians instruments, Studio Time, Sound Stage and other services for artists that need development.
  10. Ability to promote distribution of the collective music products

NOTE: The Collective Music Nation is registered as a non-profit

Collective Music, One Voice, Strength in Unity

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Ron is a member of CARAS, does artist management, and continues to support and nurture artist development especially in urban styles of music.

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