“Welcome from the President

Welcome to the Collective Music Nation. It is my honor to serve as the CMN’s President for 2020–23, and I hope you will feel free to reach out to me during this time with any of your thoughts about the Collective Music Nation.
tim fray

CMN’s Activities can be Organized into Three Categories:

Community and Network Building

Through a national Membership association of regional Chapters, CMN provides opportunities for artists, organizations and Collective (Urban) industry professionals.

Recognition and Advocacy:

Through its annual CMN Live Music Awards Ceremony and Collective (Urban) Music Hall of Fame, as well as its ongoing advocacy efforts.

Artist Development and Funding Support:

Through its SIX Elements training program, and Music Development Fund, CMN supports the development of artists from culturally/historically Black genres (Gospel, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Dancehall, Soca and more).

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Our Commitment to the Collective Members

 We commit ourselves to making CMN into the kind of organization that will bring in new members and to reassure existing members that their fellow members who serve on CMN committees are reliable advocates, committed to fair and transparent governance and to a multilingual and cross-generational membership.

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